3M 2228, the bike silencer

As the (very happy) owner of a beautiful Turner DHR, I was looking for a chainstay protection up to par …. Not an easy job when you consider the shape of the swingarm (there is a machined part near the crankset which is very difficult to cover) and the anodised finish of the frame (normal stickers don’t stick), not finding an efficient solution I ended up with a couple of marks but most of all, quite a noisy bike! After a bit of research, I found out that the top World Cup mechanics are using a tape made by 3M and described as “rubber mastic” (ref. 2228). This thing comes in different length and widths, sticks to anything (the easiest way to get rid of it on a bike would be to sell the frame), is kind of soft/sticky so can be moulded around shapes, is light and slim and most of all, shock absorbant! A perfect silencer for my weapon of choice.

2228 on DHR3

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