To get the most out of your mountain bike trip to the Portes du Soleil, it’s crucial to have a properly set up bike, so here are a few tips to get the most out of your brakes…

First of all, the position: modern brakes are so good that you can use only one finger to stop but you need to be sure that your finger reaches the end of the lever (to get the maximum leverage) without any effort. To achieve this you will need to move your controls inwards on the bar, then adjust the reach of the lever, either with the dedicated knob (as on the Hope Tech levers) or via the little Allen bolt on the inside of the lever; finally, make sure that the lever angle doesn’t twist your wrists.

Don’t tighten your controls too much, so if you fall they will turn around the bar without being damaged.

Keep at least one pair of spare pads in your backpack.

Don’t forget that heavy braking (the ones that make you skid) are damaging the trails and are pretty useless at slowing you down… and RideAbility is here to help you brake more efficiently!

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Early this May, the MCF (french cycling instructors union) organised the first ever Dirt&Slopestyle training for its instructors and…and I wasn’t going to miss out!

The training took place in Cabriére d’Avignon, in a spot used for the Wall Ride Tour, the national Slopestyle cup, and lasted 3 days. We were coached by Alexis Gautier, Cyril Cabiac and Robin Chauvin, team manager and riders of the WRT family pro team. It was great to ride some trails again, challenge ourselves on some “big” jumps and enjoy the good weather and great atmosphere of the south… we had an awesome time! And of course it’s armed me with more tips to pass on.

Cyril Cabiac landing another sick trick on the Big Air Bag:

big air bag

After a very succesful year, RideAbility has got its own World Cup racing team… well, a fantasy one at least! Check out the comp on Dirtmag’s website; create your own team and follow its progress through the World Cup season. Here is the RideAbility Racing Team:

Floriane Pugin

Fabien Pedemanaud

Remi Thirion

Nico Vink

Best of luck to the REAL racers!

Check this out: Singletrack n°47

Now, guess who is one of the “fully qualified french guide”…

That’s right, I (Joseph) will be there to guide you on the best trails and to help you get the most out of the test bikes… well only if you are part of the “fortunate few”, of course!

Check this out:

My (rather lame) car got all pimped up! I’m thinking about adding some neon lights now… Thanks to Benni from RSP (Turner french distributor), it’s gonna be show time in the car parks!

If you dig Racing, video and good music then you would enjoy WideOpen (watch the teaser on the “videos” page). The DVD will be out early June and is already available in pre-order here.

Cover and chapters here.

I just got back from 3 lovely weeks in England. I had the chance to coach 4 sessions, organised with the guys at Trail Junkies Berkshire. Those sessions have been a success, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the English trails and the cup of tea and cakes at the end of the ride were a big change from the Mutzïg!

If you are close to Berkshire, visit Monica and Neal, truly passionated guys, always ready for a bike chat and… a cup of tea!

I’m just back from an off-piste training session at the ENSA (national ski school for ski instructors and guides, based in Chamonix)… wicked! just a few pictures (thanks to Fred) to share the moment:

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Sorry, but this post is not available in FrenchSorry, but this post is not available in French

It’s my birthday today! (I won’t tell you which one), here is one of the wonderful prensents I got:

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a DMC Moto Trainer! Can’t wait to fix it on the Turner…

The Moto trainer is a simple stopwatch that you fix on the handlebar. It allows you to time a section of track, try diferent settings… in a word, a superb tool for training!