Check this out: Singletrack n°47

Now, guess who is one of the “fully qualified french guide”…

That’s right, I (Joseph) will be there to guide you on the best trails and to help you get the most out of the test bikes… well only if you are part of the “fortunate few”, of course!

After loads of discussion and scratching of heads, the jury (my girlfriend and I) has chosen the winner of the 2008 season photo contest. Here is the winner, Xavier Bascot from l’Alpe d’Huez with a photo taken during our trip in the Queyras, so ok, it’s not a perfect shot, but we like the action in it and it brings back some great memories.

Congratulations Xavier, a WideOpen DVD is on its way!

So, once again, I’ve been pretty bad updating the « news » page… I’m having a very busy off season.

First off I went for an “Enduro trip” with the Rocky sport guys from l’Alpe d’huez. What’s an enduro trip? Well, take a great location like the Queyras regional park (famous for it’s wild wolves population), if possible with steep mountains and windy singletracks, add an old battered Land Rover plus trailer, fill it with a bunch of singletrack rippers, a professional guide and hit as many runs as possible… we did between 4000 and 5000m vertical drop every day… yes, it was that good! Oh, and the bar in the chalet had a nice range of beers too. And you know what?! It’s SO nice to follow a guide… you should try it too!

After that, I was back in the Pyrénées where a delegation of Morzine riders came along to try out the “Perfect Pyrénées” weekend… I reckon it went pretty well, but you’d better ask them!

Since then, I’ve been in intense exploration mode, hunting out fresh trails around the family home… I’m trying two 1000m vertical drop singletracks tomorrow… as you can guess, I’m pretty excited!
I also had a quick trip across to the Roc d’Azur, one of the biggest bike shows in Europe, I managed to check out the new Hope brake levers…and find time for a few drinks (I even have a few memories from “New World Disorder9”).
And finally I’ll be doing more guiding/hosting next week with the “Perfect Pyrénéées” weekends.

So that’s all folks… for now, as there are a few more things to come before it’s time to swap bikes for skis… it’s all fun and games really!

Photos should be online very soon…

Here we are again, it’s the end of the mountain bike season in the Portes du Soleil and all the lifts are closing, I guess I need lighter tyres on my bike.

It’s not time to put the old boy back on the shelf though, there’s still plenty of great riding to do and at least it’s very quite now… apart from the rally cars roaring through town!

I am moving to the Pyrénées next week where I am going to ride, eat (mum’s cuisine, yum!), ride again and also do some guiding for the lucky guys who are part of the Perfect Pyrenées weekends… there’s still some room available and guess what?! the flights are FREE at the moment! What are you waiting for?!! See you there…

Check this out:

My (rather lame) car got all pimped up! I’m thinking about adding some neon lights now… Thanks to Benni from RSP (Turner french distributor), it’s gonna be show time in the car parks!

All the lifts are now open!! Which, with the great weather, explains why I’ve been quiet recently… I’m too busy riding!

A few top riders have been spotted getting the most of the Pleney… the whole Intense/CRC team (Kovarik, Camellini, Cunningham, Simmonds), Nico Vink (Trek/Dolphin), Flo Pugin (IH/Playbike) and Joe Barnes ( who has been trying to beat the record set up by Glen Hadden… 36 runs in one day! C. Kovarik has managed to do 9 runs down the Pleney DH track in 1h54min… chainless!

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This is it! The lifts are opening this weekend (June the 7th). The Pleney cable car is opening until early September, the Chavanne lift will open for the weekends until June the 14th and then until late August. The remaining  22 lifts will open for the Pass’s portes weekend on june the 27th.

Some work is being done at the moment, a new bikepark (with a new chairlift) in les Gets and two new tracks in Morzine (green/beginer and blue/intermediate)… see you soon on a lift?!

The winter season isn’t completetly over, but mountain biking has re-started for me already! A few runs down the Saléve (a hill nearby Geneva with… a cablecar!), 2 days coaching some Juniors downhillers and then the Avalanche Cup in Lyon last weekend… Rock&Roll!!

AC Lyon

Photo par Thierry Jayet.

I am very proud and excited to introduce to you the Perfect Pyrénées week-ends we have set up with the guys at FlowMTB. The long Ride&Relax week-ends will take place in the autumn and basicaly, I’m inviting you to share my favourite singletracks and put your feet up in my mum’s homely Chambres d’Hôtes!

Find out more here: Perfect Pyrénées

eyne en novembre

Eyne (my village)… in November!

Welcome to!

After some long months of thinking and planning, the website is finally live… have a look around and tell me what you think.

A big THANK YOU to Sam, Guy (FlowMTB) and Nico (Bikebox) for their help, this website wouldn’t be what it is without you guys.

Even though the winter season is going full swing, I have a few projects up my sleeve for next summer… so watch this space!