Getting your bike ready for Morzine-the brakes

To get the most out of your mountain bike trip to the Portes du Soleil, it’s crucial to have a properly set up bike, so here are a few tips to get the most out of your brakes…

First of all, the position: modern brakes are so good that you can use only one finger to stop but you need to be sure that your finger reaches the end of the lever (to get the maximum leverage) without any effort. To achieve this you will need to move your controls inwards on the bar, then adjust the reach of the lever, either with the dedicated knob (as on the Hope Tech levers) or via the little Allen bolt on the inside of the lever; finally, make sure that the lever angle doesn’t twist your wrists.

Don’t tighten your controls too much, so if you fall they will turn around the bar without being damaged.

Keep at least one pair of spare pads in your backpack.

Don’t forget that heavy braking (the ones that make you skid) are damaging the trails and are pretty useless at slowing you down… and RideAbility is here to help you brake more efficiently!

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