Rided & tested: Fiveten Freerider, Evoc Freeride tour, Gamut Dual ring

Here are a few thoughts about the gears we are riding with, no technical/marketing descriptions here (check the brand’s websites for that), but the result of 3 month (at least) of riding by any type of weather…

Fiveten Freerider Zebra

fiveten freerider

For those who still haven’t heard about Fiveten, they are cycling shoes whom soles are made out of a special sticky rubber giving them a crazy grip over flat pedals… to the point that it made me swap my good old SPD for flats after 10 years of use !

The Freerider is lighter, more breathable and leaner looking then the Impact or Karver, I like to use them when there is a bit of pedalling involved. Good news is the side of the shoe is know one part with the sole, stopping it falling apart like on the firsts models.

My only” problem” with it is that the sole is not as stiff as the other’s models, making it a bit uncomfortable on very long rides. It does give a better feel out of the pedals though, those used to Vans type shoes will appreciate.

After 3 months of use there isn’t one stitch gone, brilliant!

Evoc Freeride Tour

evoc freeride tour

Evoc is a German company offering backpacks with integrated back protector. The Freeride Tour is the biggest model of the range (30l), perfect for multi days rides or those who like to carry their whole tool box with them (like me). There are one flashy colour and one more stealth one per model.

The bag is extremely well thought out and built, full of handy pockets (tools, sunglasses, water bladder, etc…), integrated rain protection, sitting very well on the back… you can tell its designers rides!

Watch out for your pedals when carrying your bike on your shoulders, the mesh is a bit fragile, apart from that, it’s a tough one!

Gamut Dual ring

gamut dual ring

Last addition in the range, this system is designed to stop your chain jaming when using a double ring setup. Very light and well finished, the installation is very easy.

The bearings died very quickly (a couple of weeks) and I’m not convinced the step on the roller is very useful (the chain is grinding on it sometimes), but I didn’t lost my chain once and the quietness of it makes you forget it very quickly…job done!

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