The proof is in the pudding

Having my brand new bikes bolted together, I had to give them a good blast!

Day 1, the RFX.

To test/bed in the RFX we choose (with my mate Eddine) to go down to Samoëns from the top of la Bourgeoise, a smooth climb followed by a 1000m drop, singletrack only… wicked! Unfortunatly, at this time of the year, mountains can be a little bit snowy, so we had to push our bikes all the way to the top! Nevermind, the ride down was fantastic, it highlighted almost everything the Alps offers, steep, fast, technical, rooty, rocky and even… a few climbs!

The RFX was absolutly up for the job, it actually made it feel like a ride in the park! The suspensions are very smooth, even on the most beaten up part of the trail, and the geometry is spot on, making you feel at home straight away. I also loved the Hope parts, the modulation on the brakes is great and the hubs make the bike moving forward effortlessly, they also make a sweet noise… all good!

Day 2, the DHR.

Joined up with Guy Bowden (thanks for the photos), and we decided to visit our Swiss neighbours and go to Bex. After an hour and a half drive, we were in the Vaux county’s town. From there a little cog train leave every hours to join the mountain villages, perfect for us! Locals have built up a variety of tracks, going from flowy singletracks to some really steep tracks, where stopping is unlikely! A great riding spot off season as the train works all year. All the locals we met were really nice and helpful, I think the train controler would have come with us if he could have!

The DHR is a killer! Same as the RFX, the geometry make you feel like you’ve been riding it forever and the suspensions work a treat, you are truly glued to the ground, but on top of that, the bike is really lightweight which makes it really fun to ride. It is a bit early to test it, but it is very obvious that Mr DT is designing his bikes with reliability and ease of maintenance in mind… bless him!

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